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International association of artistic, 
cultural and media professionals
TALENT SEEKERS is born in October 2008 
with the aim of building an international
network of cultural, artistic and media
professionals who can help each other with
their respective projects, as well as working
together to discover and promote new talent.

The idea emerges from the conviction that,
as managers of creative content, we boast an
individual power which can be multiplied when
we work in association with other related companies,
a power which becomes even greater when our activity
is specifically motivated by the interests of the creators
and the consumers of this content, whose diffusion we are
responsible for.

In this sense, we have developed a series of tools which
demonstrate that cooperating with others produces a far
greater benefit than competing against them. In particular,
we have an application that will permit each associated
professional to circulate news and advertisements regarding
his/her own projects, by means of the different “broadcasting”
 channels which will gradually be created at TALENT SEEKERS
in each field and language represented.
The contest
The name TALENT SEEKERS will be linked to the idea of an
international awards contest whose purpose will be to draw
attention to 100 authors per year in each of the following

• Photography.
• Painting, drawing, engraving.
• Digital art, net art.
• Film, video, animation.
• Sculpture.
• Music.
• Literature, philosophy, journalism.
• Installations, performance art.
• Web design, graphic design.
• Free category (*).

The first edition of the “TALENT SEEKERS INTERNATIONAL
AWARDS” will consist of the following phases (**):

• PHASE 1 (01.10.2008-31.12.2009): Transaction of all
candidatures received from authors and members of the jury.

• PHASE 2 (01.01.2009-31.12.2009): Votes cast by the public.

• PHASE 3 (01.01.2010-31.01.2010): Votes cast by the jury,
presentation of the 1.000 authors chosen by the public
organized in accordance with the opinion of the jury and
announcement of prizes.

(*) Free category: architecture, design, fashion, ceramics,
craft work, etc.

(**) TALENT SEEKERS reserves the right to modify the dates
indicated for each phase.
The awards
The 1.000 authors selected by the public will be presented
in an historical presentation on the website distributed in 10
groups of 100 authors each (one per category) and organized
in accordance with the votes received by the jury. This space
will be promoted at length among users.

In accordance with the support received from sponsors,
we will concede a series of prizes to the most outstanding
authors. These prizes will be announced throughout the 2nd
and 3rd phases of the contest (*).

The prizes given will also be accompanied by an extensive
on-line campaign, destined to the thousands of media
companies included in TALENT SEEKERS data base.

(*) TALENT SEEKERS reserves all rights to modify or
cancel prizes previously announced when the same
depend directly on third parties outside the control
of our organization.
The authors
Any author belonging to any of the 10 disciplines of the
contest can participate. Just a simple form must be
completed, which will be transacted by personnel of
TALENT SEEKERS. In this form, you must provide a
photograph of yourself or your group, together with a
website address where your work is displayed.

Each author will be assessed by the whole of their work
exhibited on their web page in the category of their
presentation. This means that the author him/herself
will be voted for and not just one particular work.

So as not to prejudice the professional career of any author
presented, only votes received for the 100 most outstanding
authors selected by the public in each category will be made
known. Furthermore, this information will not be revealed
until the 3rd phase of the contest has concluded. This means
the winners will be spotlighted, but there will be no losers.

All participant authors in this present edition of
automatically be included in the next edition without
the necessity of having to make an application.
On the other hand, each author will be able to
cease participation in the same upon request.
The public
All of you -music, literature and art lovers- will have a
key part in helping us to discover the authors you consider
deserve support from the professional sectors.

In particular, you will have the responsibility of choosing
the 100 most popular authors in each of the 10 categories
represented in this contest (a total of 1.000 authors).
To participate, you just need to complete a simple
inscription form.

As members of TALENT SEEKERS, you will also be able to
access all news published by the professionals of the
different sectors represented, as well as receiving by
e-mail any news you have previously notified us that
you are particularly interested in.

In order to guarantee the legitimacy of votes,
TALENT SEEKERS will reserve the right to eliminate
any points that could have been given fraudulently,
should at any time suspicious or unusual conduct be
detected. In this sense, we have at our disposal the
tools necessary to avoid one same person making
more than one vote for an author from one same ip
The jury
All professionals who can assert their speciality in
any of the 10 categories of the contest will be able
to participate as members of the jury. Record companies,
publishers, producers, managers, agents, galleries, the media,
Internet portals, cultural promoters, specialised journalists,
teachers, etc. are all very welcome.

contest orientated towards the discovery of authors
unknown to the general public, the jury could also consist
of artists, musicians, writers or any other creative
professional whose renowned prestige would prevent
their participation in the “authors” category. All they
will have to do is present a brief summary of their
professional achievements to endorse their application.

The members of the jury will enjoy a series of benefits,
amongst them the possibility of offering their professional
services and of circulating news and advertisements at an
international level. This circulation will be made by means
of our newsletters, our on-line news section and an original
system for inter-changing news and advertisements with
other media companies, hence multiplying their power of
communication. All our news will be directed to a public
which will have previously expressed their wish to receive
them and that will have expressly indicated the different
subjects of their choice, as well as the various languages in
which such news could be presented.

Your only commitment as a member of the jury will be
to examine on-line the 100 finalist authors in the
corresponding category or categories in which you
have been admitted and vote, anonymously and
during a specified time, for all those authors you
consider most outstanding. Presumably, the said
period will be January of 2010.
The sponsors
All individuals, institutions or companies who wish to
support our project can become our sponsors. In
TALENT SEEKERS there will be a place for all of them (*).
In particular, there will be three way of cooperating:

• OPTION A: Donating a cash amount to TALENT SEEKERS
which will be integrally destined to the promotion of this
project or to any other objective previously agreed.

• OPTION B: Offering a cash prize or in kind to one or
several of the selected authors. For example, the
publication of a book, CD or DVD, the organization of
a concert or exhibition, the purchase of a work of one
of the winning artists, etc.

• OPTION C: Sending a communication to the users of
your organization, publishing a news item in your media
and/or including a TALENT SEEKERS banner on your webpage.

(*) The position that each sponsor occupies on
TALENT SEEKER’S website and their inclusion in
our mailing lists and other means of circulation at
our disposal will depend on their degree of involvement
in the project. Except where previously stipulated,
TALENT SEEKERS will apply in this sense its own
decision criteria.

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