harrie schenning

harrie schenning

Huntenkunst 2008 – the sixteenth year

Ulft, February 2008. Huntenkunst will be arranged for the sixteenth time 23rd, 24th and 25th May 2008. This time it will no longer be in the Houtkamphal but in the main Hall in Sportpark South in Doetinchem. Huntenkunst is an art festival that includes all disciplines within the field of visual arts, paintings, sculptures, photography, prints, video art, etc.

Each artist has a space of his own

Approximately 150 artists take part in this art festival. More than half of them come from outside the Netherlands. Unique to Huntenkunst is that the works are presented by the artists themselves. This allows the artists to get to know and interact with each other as well as with the public. Huntenkunst can be considered a mixture between an exhibition and an art fair, a true international meeting place, with contemporary art in focus. It is exiting to see how the artists utilise their individual space to expresses their feelings in which their origin and background plays an important role.


The selection is based on several criteria. The most important one is quality and secondly much attention is paid to the diversity of the proposed works. The exhibition should reflect the multitude of backgrounds, starting points, techniques and styles in the kaleidoscopic field of contemporary visual art. This year the selection committee accepted approximately fifteen percent of the applications.

CD-ROM Huntenkunst '08

The production and release of the CD-ROM Huntenkunst can be considered unique. This has been possible thanks to the advice, guidance and financial support from LITHOgrafiek (Deventer) and Arthouse (Vasserveld). The printed material is designed by Resi Limbeek (Color me Happy), student at the Arnhem Art Academy. The website www.huntenkunst.org is maintained by Nedweb Internet Production in Zaandam. The technical support is provided by René Bestebreurtje of e-class and Communicatie Kant in Dinxperlo/Bocholt.

Opening Huntenkunst 2007 Click on the picture for blow-up

Huntenkunst: art festival with its own face

Huntenkunst has grown into a very special art show with a face of its own. These festivals have become an important meeting place for artists and given its own important meaning to the perception of contemporary art. This will also be our goal for the near future. In this spirit we will continue our promotion of art.

The Huntenkunst 2009 will take place on May 15th, 16th and 17th.

Harrie Schenning, Chair Huntenkunst
Harrie Schenning,
Chairman of the Huntenkunst Foundation.

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