"Den gamla goda tiden"

Lær at tegne og male Kurser i konst meld dig til på mail: info@artdanish.dk
Portræt tegning og maling individuel undervisning og gruppe undervisning v Inge Marie Jensen, Storgatan 35, 36075 Alstermo, Sverige
Inge Marie Maler Sneleopard
Konstskolan Kunstskolen Artschool ArtDanish.dk Painter Artist Galleri Gallery Ateliér Studio Fernisering Show Kunstudstilling Exhibition Acryl Acrylic Oliemaleri Oilpainting Kunstskole canvas frame v Inge Marie Jensen, Storgatan 35, 36075 Alstermo, Sverige about us Art Danish Sell and show your artwork,you are very welcome here! sculpture, nature and beauty are related to the inner world, a world that has numerous magnificent images, various styles and different settings. Focusing on such a dynamic criterion of act, every moment something innovative is to be done because nature has bestowed upon everybody the creative energy in one form or the other, only need being to bring it out. If this creativity is explored on and on, it blossoms out into a masterpiece creation. Mother Nature is the source of inspiration for one and all. In its stunning Kaleidoscope of colours and shades, in its spectrum of breathtaking images and magnificent vistas, in its myriad settings and varying moods, art renders an experience that borders the mystical. Yet, in the rainbow of divine creation, beyond the display of visual art, there are innumerable messages to be imbibed and lessons to be learnt. Indeed to the curious lovers of art, it communicates profound truth and gives philosophical insight to life. If breathing constitutes life, then art could be best summed up as its aroma. ArtDanish.dk , are the fountainheads of such beauty and inspiration because each and every artist who is a part of these organizations in one way or the other, believes that if physical looks are reflected in the mirror, then it is none other than Art which exemplifies the beauty of mind of a human being.

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07.10 | 23:40

Finns Eremitmordet i Jeriko kvar?

25.10 | 13:35

Hej. Kig gerne forbi min side http://vesterhavet.iwopop.com/

25.02 | 14:28

Hej Tom
Jeg har stadig 3 steder i sverige, hvor din datter kan få bolig.
Håber du nyder livet og foråret!
Kh. Inge Marie

25.01 | 21:36

Hej Inge Marie.
Long time no hear or see.... Har du solgt skolen ?? Har jo en datter i Sverige som kikker meget efter et sted at bo....
Kunne være hyggeligt at

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